UiPath Robotic Process Automation Developer Certification

Programming Concepts Basic
Programming Concepts Basic-2
RPA Basics
RPA Advanced Concepts
Introduction to UiPath
Understanding Variables
Lab Work - 3 Hours
Control Flow   
Data Manipulation   
Advanced UI Interaction
Lab Work - 4 Hours
Image Automation
Text Automation
Advanced Citrix Automaton
Email Automation
PDF Automation
Excel Data Tables
Lab Work - 4 Hours
Exception Handling
Logging and Debugging
Project Organisation
Lab Work - 4 Hours
RE Frameworks
Capstone Project 1
Project 2 Problem Statement
Project 3 Problem Statement
Lab Work - 6 Hours
Project Submission
Doubt Session
Portfolio Building
Industry Masterclass
Certification Exam- Theory
Certification Exam- Practical
Portfolio Presentation
Interview Preparation
HR Interviews
Technical Interviews
Company Selection
UiPath Academy Gurgaon

Learning Outcomes of the UiPath RPA Developer Certification

  • Understanding RPA and any given process map to depict it.
  • Building Industry Ready bots for Automation
  • Deciphering code required to do Robot configuration.
  • Doing basic & advanced configuration of bots on UiPath platform.
UiPath Academy Gurgaon helped me transition from a non technical background into an RPA developer role. Today I work as a UiPath developer and have deployed multiple bots so far. RPA is exciting and challenging. I would definitely recommend the UiPath Academy RPA classroom certification.
UiPath Developer

Who should take this training?

RPATech’s Academy courses are designed for beginners and professionals alike to aid them in tackling enterprise level implementation of RPA.


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