Our Approach

RPATech approaches businesses viewing each as a unique situation, still with commonalities in the root issues. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to customize our solutions with empathy.

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. RPATech approaches work by applying its external knowledge and proprietary methodologies to our customers’ internal way of doing work. We know that the success of a project is dependent on the right tool and methodology matching our clients’ way of doing work. We have built our frameworks and adapted them over multiple engagements, keeping the ever-changing environment in mind.

Our Solutions and Frameworks

Digital Consulting Toolkit
Organizations everywhere are constantly on the effort to move away from the ubiquitous legacy to the new digital system. Our digital consulting toolkit ensures this seamless transition by assessing the level of digital readiness across all facets of the organization – be it people or technology. We then create a roadmap unique to the organization’s needs and help implement it for a fully digital makeover.

EWB (Extended Work Bench)
RPATech’s Extended WorkBench Solution offers ready-to-deploy resources around RPA and AI. The market has not been able to keep up with the pace at which the demands for skilled resources around RPA and AI have gone up. Our partnerships with tool companies as well as our proprietary training methods ensure in providing a solution to this problem by providing ready resources for our customers.

D3O stands for Discover, Design, Develop and Optimize. This is our methodology to deliver managed services around RPA and automation. Armed with our six sigma experts and RPA experts, D3O helps you virtualize your workforce in no time.

WMB (WebSphere Message Broker)
This technique ensures that implicit or tacit knowledge always remains within the organization. This helps continuity of work with practical zero downtime as a new resource can take up the task from the place where the last resource left.

RT Smart Tagging
RPATech’s proprietary methodology allows for explicit knowledge retention. Documentation for an RPA project has been a challenge and there are limited ways to relate code/configuration with process maps which are primary documentation to ensure correct coding. We have developed this technique to smartly tag and comment code to ensure seamless translation of process maps.

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